As investment decisions and portfolio management are such a key component of the financial advisory and wealth accumulation process, naturally we treat this facet with the gravity and importance it deserves.

Our Investment Committee meets regularly to the asset market outlook for various asset classes, review research, and take input from multiple experts.  This knowledge base assists build robust, sustainable and risk-managed investment portfolios tailored to your specific requirements. Underlying investment principles in this process include:

  • Diversified portfolios are actively managed to your risk tolerance.
  • Portfolios can be individually tailored to meet your constraints, preferences, and objectives.
  • The tax structure is taken into account with a focus on after-tax returns.
  • Portfolio management and strategic planning advice is integrated so that the two work in unison to provide powerful synergies.
  • Portfolio and performance reporting is transparent and caters for clients who have diverse assets such as direct property, private company interests and artwork.

We have no financial ownership in any investment products which avoids biased product advice.