Accumulate Wealth Management works with successful individuals and families to solve financial complexity, make smart financial choices, and improve their lifestyle. We often assist individuals and families through trigger events such as a new job with a bigger remuneration package, impending retirement, sale of property, sale of business assets, inheritance, marriage, divorce, or preparation for aged care. While many of our clients typically have significant personal income, business profits, or investable assets of $1 million or more, the key is their commitment to building wealth over time.



Identifying your aspirations, taking the time to ask the right questions, listening to your response, and drilling down on those things that really matter to you are essential before any services, strategies, or products can be considered.  We want to understand what is important to you, how you want to live your life, and why it matters so much to you.  This provides a great basis upon which we can focus, provide our services, and subsequently be measured upon.


Strategy and Implementation

Ultimately how much you value us will be determined by the level of satisfaction you derive from engaging us, the benefit you receive from the advice we provide, and your desire to stay with us as a client.  Coming up with great strategy is useless unless successfully implemented – the value lies in both creating great strategy and excellent execution.  Hence, results matter to us as they do to you as well.


Regular and Proactive Progress Meetings

We apply a consistent and structured assessment of your progress via a regular review meeting cycle.  This step is essential to proactively fine-tune your strategies as your life evolves, anticipate changes in legislation, and navigate turbulent markets.


Alignment of Interests

We align our reward with your outcomes so we measure our success with yours.  This means:

  • Our fee structures are transparent, fixed, and agreed before we work together.
  • As a result of being privately-owned and boutique, the advice will be in your best interests and not biased in favour of a major institution or its products.
  • Because of quiet confidence in our experience and our ability to perform, we are happy to put everything in writing – include your Master Plan (Statement of Advice), client service agreement, and investment performance reports.